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How to Restore & Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components?

How to Restore & Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components

How to Restore & Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components?

Data that are stored on a computer can lead to permanent loss or even may be damaged due to various issues such as virus infection, software or hardware technical glitches. Other such technical issues such as accidental removal of data may also happen. So, to protect you from such unexpected situations, it is always recommended for users to Restore & Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components which will prevent them from losing all important information.

Well, the backup process duration further depends on the data size. Kaspersky Lab experts recommend users to create backup copies only of files and folders that contain essential information such as documents, images, audio and video files.

Backup of various copies will create objects in a special type of storage which will be on hard drive, network drive, in the selected device, or even may be in the online storage.

Advantages of Restore & Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components, you can:

  • Creates a proper backup task.
  • Runs a backup task each time on manual mode or simply by scheduling it
  • Views the report to set-up backup & restores components of Kaspersky Total Security whenever required.

Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components

Steps to Set-Up Backup & Restore Kaspersky Total Security Components

Step 1: Working with the “Back-up and Restore”

  • Go to the “Kaspersky Total Security” screen and then click on “Back-up and Restore” option. You will see that “Welcome to Back-up and Restore” screen will appear next.
  • You are required to click on “select files for back-up” icon. Proceed to next step for Restore and Backup Kaspersky Total Security Components.

Step 2: Selecting Files for Back-Up

  • A list of “select files for backup” will appear next to ask users in choosing from available options: one is “create back-up copies of specific files types” and the other one is “create back-up copies of specific folders”.
  • After tapping on your choice of option, hit on “next” button.
  • Your clicked folder will appear and then, tap on “next” icon
  • A screen with a heading “select storage” will appear on the screen where hard drives will be visible to you.
  • Next, you will get an attention message with an exclamatory mark

Step 3: Sign-in Page

  • Enter your e-mail address in the sign-in page with email and password details.
  • Click on “sign-in” button
  • You are new to dropbox then, go to the option which will display a “new to drop box” option and then, create a new account. Follow all instructions as guided.

Step 4: Back-Up Option

  • A screen marked as “create back-up copies of files” will appear next.
  • Go to the backup component of Kaspersky Total Security schedule and choose whether to back-up files on regular basis, daily and so on.
  • If your back-up process is not done then, move on to the next option which defines the line “if back-up is completed then please try later”. Click on it
  • A screen “preparing storage for back-up copies” will appear by displaying a message “storage successfully prepared”.
  • Next, click on “finish” icon
  • You will see a screen as “back-up and restore” which will show a percentage of back-up being processed.

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