How to Solve Kaspersky KLAVA Component Error While Updating?

Kaspersky KLAVA Component Error
Kaspersky Error

How to Solve Kaspersky KLAVA Component Error While Updating?

Kaspersky KLAVA Component Error is usually caused due to mis-configured system files in the system. If anyone who has received this error message then there are 95% chances of users that they are facing computer registry issues. These are typically Windows errors but it is said that they are easy to repair.

We will show you all three possible ways to fix the error and they are: first, change the Kaspersky Lab’s update server. Second, one needs to update offline kaspersky product and the third one is update the software with default Kaspersky Lab’s update server. Have a look on our blog to fix the Kaspersky KLAVA Component Error while updating process.

Solutions to Fix Kaspersky KLAVA Component Error While Updating

Solution 1: Modifying the Kaspersky Lab’s update server

• Open the Kaspersky software and then, click on the ‘Settings’ icon.
• Next, in the “Settings” window, one needs to select the option shown as ‘Additional’ tab and then hit on the ‘Update’ button.
• In the “Update Settings” dialog box, there will be a “Select update source” option visible to you. Just click on that.
• Press the “Add button” next and then enter a message by typing ‘the new update servers’. You will be provided with list of Kaspersky Lab servers.
• Click on the “OK” button to save all the settings.
• Users are now advised to change the position of the update source
• Make sure that all new update source is well located on top while the Kaspersky Lab’s update servers are at the bottom down.
• Left click on the “new update source” option and then, hit on the “Up button”.
• Navigate or return to the main interface of Kaspersky and hit on “Update button => Click “Run update” button” now.
• Wait for a while till you receive a message of” update completion and then, check the database carefully and the process of fixing up Kaspersky Component Klava Error is solved now.

Solution 2: Updating the Kaspersky via Offline update process and then with default Kaspersky Lab’s update server

• Initially, you need to download the database package of Kaspersky software to configure Kaspersky product updates from the Updates folder into which the updates were previously downloaded.
• Alternately, one can also perform update process with default Kaspersky Lab’s update server by changing the Update Source to the default Kaspersky Lab’s update server. Hit the update again.Kaspersky Customer Service Number

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