How to Fix Kaspersky Error 1321?

How to Fix Kaspersky Error 1321?

The Kaspersky Error 1321 commonly occurs during the installation or updating the current antivirus. This blog post will help you to Fix Kaspersky Error 1321 which is often faced by the user during the installation and upgrade in the product installation log file or Window Event logs with a pop out message “ Error 1321: The installer had insufficient permission to modify the file”.

Because of the Error, a user can not update current Windows to its upgraded version or update computer drivers or install a new application. Other than that, bad browser cookies or full hard drive are the other causes behind this Error 1321.

Follow the Mentioned Steps to Fix Kaspersky Error 1321 issue With Assurance:Kaspersky Error 1321

You may follow this blog post mentioned steps to troubleshoot this Kaspersky Error 1321 pages in no time.

Method 1:

Try to allow the update to complete by clicking on RETRY. If it still does not work, dismiss the error message to follow the second method.

Method 2:

For your convenience and ease, our Kaspersky Technical Support Services have mentioned three detailed methods to troubleshoot this error on your own. If one method does not work, you can easily skip to the next method described by Kaspersky Technical Support Services.

Step 1: Disable the Antivirus or Security Application temporary.

Step 2: Install the latest version of the Application.

Step 3: Re-enable your installed security and antivirus Software again.

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Method 3: Clean and Re-install your Software

Step1: The first and foremost thing is to LOG IN with Administrative Account that will give you access to administrative privileges allowing you to do software install, uninstall or running  program properly.

Step 2: Turn off your Internet Connection Antivirus Spyware and Firewall Software at the time of clean and re-install process.

Step 3: There are some other processes that run in the background that you must turn off too.

Step 4: Uninstall the Antivirus Software using Windows control panel or using installer.

Step 5: Re-install the Software

Step 6: As the installation is done, turn on all the services and programs that were turned off in the above steps.

Thus, by following the above mentioned steps, a user can easily troubleshoot the Kaspersky Error 1321 easily.Kaspersky Customer Service Number

Call Kaspersky Support Number for more Help

It is advisable to call our expert through the toll free Kaspersky Support Number 1-800-661-5742 for more assistance regarding this Error. In case you are having any doubt regarding the above mentioned step, you can dial up the Kaspersky Support Number to make your queries resolved. Our talented and experienced technicians will guide you to the right path for all Kaspersky related errors. The 24*7 available team will assist you through meaningful solution to get the issues fixed promptly

Toll-Free | USA: 1-800-661-5742
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