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How to Fix Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719 in Windows?

Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719

How to Fix Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719 in Windows?

There are certain occasions that the Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus software may appear error. The Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719 in Windows is one of the most common errors, occasionally comes, when the users are trying to install antivirus software in windows.

Actually, this error related to the Windows installer and occurs under the influence of both when installing & uninstalling the software. Also, come up when the MSIEXEC.EXE” file is missing or corrupt in the Windows registry. To remove or repair this error, the users should need to follow the given repairing procedure help to efficiently fix Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719.

Methods to Troubleshoot Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719 in Windows:

Here are various methods to repairing to this error, so walk-through step by step to solve it.

Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719

Method 1: Reboot PC

  • First of all, you need to simply go to “Start” menu, and then go to “Run” to open a command prompt.
  • After then type “msiexec /unregister” in the command prompt and hit on “Enter” button.
  • Next type “msiexec /regserver” and again hit on “Enter” button.
  • Now you have to reboot your computer, in order to display if any problem is existing & fixed it.

Note: – One more thing is very crucial for you is that, for the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you will require running the following command:

 “C:\Windows\Syswow64\Msiexec /regserver”

Windows Registry Entry

By this command, you can re-register the 64-bit version of the installer.

Method 2: Boot Windows in Safe Mode

If the method 1 fails, then you should try to boot your Windows in “Safe Mode” (F8 during startup) and then repeat the previous steps.

  • In your window, go to the “Start” button, and type “MSCONFIG” and press on “Boot” when the pop up dialog appear.
  • Press on “Safe Boot”in “Boot Option” and choose “Network and Reboot the PC” option.

 Method 3: Windows Registry Entry

  • The next step you must verify is if the Windows registry entry really matches the location of the file on hard disk.
  • Then open the Windows registry, and go “Start” menu, then “Run” and then type “regedit”.
  • Hit “Enter” button, and then you have to browse to the registry key named, such as:


  • There you need to verify the “Data” for a value named “ImagePath”. Make sure this contains folders and file name of the “msiexec.exe” program, followed by “/V”.
  • Then, please verify the actual place of the file on disk, and if required, then change the path in the Windows registry.
  • Ensure you can take a backup of the registry before changing it.

In any further help & queries associated  Kaspersky Internet Security Errors, you can contact with our Kaspersky Antivirus Customer Support at 1-800-661-5742  (toll-free) number, 24*7 to prompt get the solution & service.

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